That's X-O-F to you, buddy!!! (xof1013) wrote in queerasfolkuk,
That's X-O-F to you, buddy!!!

OT: Would you PLEASE take second and vote? It's SOOOO quick!

Hi there -

Would the folks on this livejournal list - pretty please help me vote on this:

Put in a vote for TeamHusbands for the Shorty Awards? Category is #webshow -

Just type in TeamHusbands (don't put the @ sign in, it defaults)
Then click in the description box and finish the "because..." sentence.
(Uncheck the follow Shorty Awards on twitter box) - Then click tweet it.

It's ONE vote per twitter account - if you have more than one, vote using each. They have less than 9 days to go....

Please, would you ask your friends to vote as well? I appreciate your help soooo much.

PS - if for no other reason, CELEBRATE the Marriage Equality ruling in California yesterday that stated Proposition 8 was UNCONSTITUTIONAL by voting here for a comedy marriage equality webshow by Jane Espenson & Brad Bell.


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