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Role Playing Game

I'm not sure if this is allowed here, if not, please delete!

But I was wondering if anyone would be interested or knew anyone who might be interested, or know anywhere I could go to find people who might be interested in RPing Queer as Folk, especially Stuart and Vince.

Personally, I would love to do an RPG starting after Stu and Vince make their exit to America, and I prefer one-on-one RPG with just myself and one other player, but if there is enough interest for a group RPG, I am open to that possibility!

What is a role-playing game, you may be asking? I'll explain
My version of a role-playing game happens either over AIM or Livejournal. Basically, a role-play is like a collaborative fan fiction, written in real-time, but two authors taking turns writing the actions of different characters.

Here's an example, completely made up off the top of my head:

stualanjones99: Stuart smiled, that smile that indicated he knew he was getting laid. In a matter of moments. Soon. His eyes glowed with an inner heat as his mouth gently curled into a knowing grin. Because he knew. When you're Stuart Alan Jones, you CAN know. "Comin' back to mine?" he asks, his voice soft to make sure Vince was listening good and well.

drwhofan4evr: Vince swallowed. He hated when Stuart did this. Was he drunk? Caught up on E? He sighed, looking down, cursing silently at his hands for trembling like that. He brought his eyes back up and gasped as he met that gaze and grin again. "That's not a good idea, Stu, fuck off."

See? It can work in exchanges on Livejournal (which can be longer) or through AIM in real-time.

If anyone is interested, comment here or PM me and we can get this thing rolling! Thanks!
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